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As Talented Engineers
Each one of us handling patents possesses an extensive technical background in engineering. Our engineering skills enable us to enhance the original ideas as created by inventors. As your committed partner, our aim is to augment your intellectual creativity and then, forge a strong patent to protect it.
As Intellectual Property Experts
We are constantly upgrading and honing our skills. We continually monitor the latest information on intellectual property, both at home and abroad. All the information we obtain in this way becomes a sturdy tool for the protection of our clients’ intellectual property.
As Skilled Consultants
Secured intellectual properties are at the root of any company’s freedom and advantages. Countermeasures against other companies’ intellectual properties can be risky; good judgment in this field requires sharp, realistic decision-making. At Haruka, we have developed a strong appreciation of the necessity for balance between any risks and potential benefits. We are thus able to provide speedy, realistic solutions in response to advanced management scenarios regarding intellectual property.
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